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Mobile Websites Melbourne

respons1As you already know, the way in which we access online content is rapidly changing. In fact, the last 3 to 4 years have seen an explosion in the use of mobile devices making Internet content accessible through smartphones and tablets. Search engines such as Google prefer websites to compatible on mobile platforms so that their users can navigate through the site with ease. This intern will give your site the added benefit of a higher Google rank. As seen in the image below Google tend to rank mobile friendly websites on top of their search results. Choose TD Interactive's Mobile Websites Melbourne to stay on top!Google search results screenshot on the iPhone 6

5 reasons why you should have a mobile site today

  1. Over 20+% of all website traffic comes from mobile phones, that’s 1 in 5. Not having a mobile friendly website = closing down your business one day a week.
  2. A site not designed for mobile can leave users feeling frustrated = lost business!
  3. One site = All devices, your mobile site works on over 10,000 different mobile device types (feature phones, smartphones, tablets...)
  4. Our mobile sites present key business information in just one click - Call Us, Maps & Directions, Reviews, Video, Product Information etc.
  5. Easy to drive revenue with our mobile sites with features such as Redeemable Coupons and Booking Requests.


Are you Mobile Friendly?

If your website was designed prior to 2014 it will be most likely to be not mobile responsive by default and you may need to create special site in order to be mobile friendly.

Now you can check the mobile friendliness of your site from Google for free at: https://www.google.com.au/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

What if you Fail the Test?

Fear not. We are here to help!

We can design a complete custom built mobile site with an automatic redirect to m.yourdomain.com.

This mobile site is completely independent of your main desktop website and does not affect it in anyway since it has its own mobile domain name. We will create the new mobile site to match the existing colour scheme of your main site so that both your sites complement each other.

Your mobile site includes:
  • FREE design
  • 30 day FREE Trial
  • Set-up and Installation
  • Mobile hosting
  • QR Code

You get all of this for an unbeatable $143.88 for 1 year (or $11.99 monthly). You will also get a unique QR code that can be used across all your advertising and business material.

Mobile websites designed right here in Melbourne! For a FREE 30 day trial call 03 9005 5886, today!!


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